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We are delighted to announce an upgrade to our MyProtel project search engine, MyCRM. Drive your project sales using MyCRM.

We have introduced an additional layer of functionality designed to help our associates more effectively manage their interactions with our project bulletins.

Optimise the timeliness of your relationships with potential clients listed on Protel project bulletins and stay ahead of all the points of contact across your team.

View a quick video walkthrough:

Subscribers can:

  • Assign or claim projects
    Avoid duplication of effort among team members and make sure projects go to appropriate staff members.
  • Create actions
    Schedule time-based actions with optional reminders to move projects along your sales process.
  • Create notes
    Add individual or collaborative notes to make sure you capture all relevant information as you work on individual project bulletins.
  • Work at a glance
    Use the MyCRM hub page to view all your assigned projects, scheduled actions and notes.

MyCRM – Your Way

We have added these new features alongside all the existing MyProtel functionality. How and to what extent subscribers wish to use MyCRM is completely flexible. Of course, your account manager will be on hand to help you apply the new features to your existing sales processes through training and support.

I already have a CRM system?

No problem at all – subscribers can easily concentrate on just our project information and utilise existing external CRM systems very easily. Because of the way MyCRM sits alongside our information, it is really easy to use it as much or as little as desired.

If you’d like to integrate our data with your own existing CRM, get in touch, as we can offer a bespoke export service.

If you require any more information about how to apply our project bulletins or the new features above to your sales processes, please drop us a line. If you already subscribe, contact your account manager to arrange a training session for you or your team.

This entry was posted in News on April 06, 2017